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The Book Series
Journey Through Time Collection

A Journey Through Time soap book collection contains a set of six beautifully illustrated, eco-conscious bamboo cardboard covers with a luxurious bar of vegan artisanal soap nestled in between acting as pages and sealed with a satin ribbon. Each miniature book has its own unique story creatively describing the aroma of the soap; helping to bridge the gap between your imagination and sense of smell.

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What's included:

  • Six superbly crafted bars of vegan artisanal soap.
  • The soap bars will arrive packaged as boutique style gifts. The soap book covers are made of high quality, eco-conscious bamboo cardboard and garnished with a satin ribbon.
  • A one-of-a-kind story written on the inside cover; helping to bridge the gap between imagination and sense of smell. This will elevate your reading experience.
  • Once the soap bars are removed from the gift packaging, the book cover can be kept as a keepsake and placed on a shelf or small table as home decor.

Fragrance: See individual soap book listing for fragrance descriptions.

Scent Notes: See individual soap book listing for a description of the scent note(s).

Approximate Soap Book Collection Weight: 2.25 lbs *Note: Jax Willz soap bars are hand-cut and weight may slightly vary.

$ 74.99 USD

A Journey Through Time Gift Set is Perfect For:

  • Book lovers and collectors of pretty books
  • Coffee and tea connoisseurs
  • Teachers
  • Environmentally-conscious crew
  • Romantics
  • Home Decor Enthusiasts

See individual soap book listing for full ingredients list.


A soft and creamy olive oil lather coupled with small bubbles that rinses away clean leaving your skin film free.


Make room on a small shelf or dresser for Jax Willz Soap Book Covers; collect each one and use as art decor. You can also piece together each character’s story with upcoming soap book collections.

March 29, 2018

A Journey Through Time soap book collection was inspired by the notorious quote of "live in the present moment". There became a time when I was at a crossroads in life and couldn't determine if door one would grant more opportunities...or if door two would lessen my opportunities. It was then that I discovered my intuitive compass and stepped in front of door three. Once I found the courage to turn the knob and push, anxiety and worry walked out, and inspiration walked in.

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