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The Book Series
Bohemian Princess Handmade Soap Book

The Bohemian Princess found the secret to radiant skin...luscious turmeric and creamy olive oil. She reveals her journey on the inside cover of my beautifully illustrated soap book. ⁠⁠

What's included:

  • One superbly crafted bar of vegan artisanal soap.
  • The soap bar will arrive packaged as a boutique style gift. The soap book cover is made of high quality, eco-conscious bamboo cardboard and garnished with a satin ribbon.
  • A one-of-a-kind story written on the inside cover; helping to bridge the gap between imagination and sense of smell. This will elevate your reading experience.
  • Once the soap bar is removed from the gift packaging, the book cover can be kept as a keepsake and placed on a shelf or small table as home decor.

Fragrance: A subtle medicinal aroma.

Scent Notes: Tea Tree Essential Oil

Approximate Soap Bar Weight: 4.00 ounces ***Please note: Jax Willz soap bars are hand-cut and weight may slightly vary.

$ 13.50 USD


Distilled water, olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), ground turmeric and Tea Tree Essential Oil.


A soft and creamy olive oil lather coupled with small bubbles that rinses away clean leaving your skin film free.


Make room on a small shelf or dresser for Jax Willz Soap Book Covers; collect each one and use as art decor. You can also piece together each character’s story with upcoming soap book collections.

September 19, 1996

An old friend asked me to assist with a simple skydiving technique. Although I'm the first to help out a good friend, the sporadic rattles on this small plane are slightly concerning. Nonetheless, I gather my red curls, tie with a band, and adjust my helmet. Like I always say, the best way to conquer fear is to face it head-on.

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The Book Series